Say No to Ten Storey Towers at Newport Marina

Newport residents have been presented with a proposal to construct:

  • Two TEN STOREY towers at Newport Marina:
    • Tower 1 – 90 plus apartments; and
    • Tower 2 – 140 plus Hotel rooms with facilities for licensed premises, function rooms and shops.

Mr Joshua Kindred made the presentations, identifying himself as ‘the Developer’. He advised that a Development Application to Moreton Bay Regional Council is imminent.

Some Community leaders believe that one of the buildings will house a substantial Convention Centre.

Residents felt overwhelmed, distressed and pressured. The enjoyment of being a resident of Newport and the lifestyle it offers appeared threatened.

Our Perspective

  • This proposed development will mean drastic changes to the existing Newport neighbourhood, its liveability and character; and
  • Resultant pressures on the Peninsula’s infrastructure and services will impact broadly.

We will keep you up to date as news comes in when you Join Us in saying NO to Newport Towers. Please help spread the word.