Address to Moreton Bay Regional Council 16th Oct 2018

General Council Meeting – NAG President speaks on behalf of NAG members to MBRC Mayor, Councillors and Council Officers

Lord Mayor, Councillors thank you for giving me the time to talk to you today.
I represent the Newport Action Group- NAG.
NAG’s membership currently stands at just under 600 residents.

In 2016 MBRC ratified its Strategic Plan, outlining the future for our region. In that plan MBRC identified two areas on the Redcliffe Peninsula that were to be used exclusively for Marine Industry, thereby ensuring the future protection of those sites that provide a most important service to boating in Moreton Bay.

There are staggeringly over 3600 registered boats on the Peninsula. This number is about to grow exponentially along with our booming population growth. Every one of these boats requires maintenance, service and a place to be kept.
Marine Industry Precinct is a MBRC specialist industry zoning allowing for waterfront- based industry, activities that require direct water access and which relate to Marine industry.  MBRC zoned the sites as Marine Industry Precinct to service our ever growing boating fraternity.

Our two precincts are located at Scarborough on the northeastern edge of the Peninsula and the other, smaller one is Newport Waterways Marina, nestled amongst the residential canal estate of Newport.
Between them they hold 629 berths. Not many when you consider the thousands of boats on the Peninsula and the explosion that is about to occur. Both provide good parking facilities, which are essential for the use of boat owners and space to develop Marine Specific Industries.

The Newport Waterways Marina was established over 30 years ago to service the dry block owners of Newport and its neighbours, it has carried out its job successfully in that time. Over that period it has embedded itself into the fabric of Newport life and provides an essential service to Newport and its neighbours. It is truly a community Marina. It has also become a notable sight on Moreton Bay’s memorable Tourist Drive.

Currently this Marina is operating at 80% capacity (Joshua Kindred), it only has 41 remaining Berths available for rent.
With nearly 2000 families mooted to settle into the Stockland’s Newport Development alone, it is reasonable to project that the Marina’s capacity will reach 100% in a short period of time.
The positioning of Newport Waterways Marina to take up some of that extra demand is perfect. It is also reasonable to expect that both Marinas will reach their full capacities following our population expansion.

Even now, current supply of Marine Service industries does not meet the demand for it. Peninsula residents are taking their boats outside of the Peninsula to access service.
This demand will only increase as our population grows.
Newport Waterways Marina has the space for those industries to establish themselves. Whilst still retaining the necessary parking areas that Marinas must have.
With the growth of these industries come jobs and skills. The Peninsula should be known for its Marine Industry Services.

This is what MBRC understood and zoned for accordingly.

The current owner of Newport Marina has lodged a Development Application with Council requesting a removal of the Marine Industry Precinct zoning to allow two ten storey towers of apartments and hotel facilities to be built.
In its Economic Benefits Analysis, it paid no attention to the impacts caused by the loss of Marine Industry zoned land to the Peninsula and Moreton Bay Region; it even stated that removing the zoning would have ‘no effect on the availability of marine industry land’.
This is blatantly untrue unless you consider losing half of our available marine industry land as having no effect!

Proposing to take away the small amount of available Marine Industry Precinct land that the Moreton Bay Region has, to replace it with uses that do not reflect the industry and which could be located elsewhere is unreasonable, not viable, and seriously undermining of MBRCs 2016 Strategic Plan.
It would steal an essential service from the community.

We live on the Peninsula because of our love of Moreton Bay, our communities need berths and local access to Marine services. It would be extremely shortsighted to even consider such a decision.
In fact the community of Newport would be delighted if some of the Marine Services that were removed from the Marina would be returned.

You have all been provided with a copy of NAG’s submission to Council, which highlights all of the negative impacts of this proposal. It does not meet MBRC’s or our Communities’ expectations. A short sighted, ill informed proposal that flies in the face of MBRCs long term objectives should not be tolerated.

We urge you not to think ‘this is out of our hands’ but rather to stand by your Strategic Plan. .

Lord Mayor, Councillors- this is very much in your hands.

Address to Moreton Bay Regional Council 28th Aug 2018

General Council Meeting – NAG President, Kenlie Williams, speaks on behalf of NAG members to MBRC Mayor, Councillors and Council Officers

Lord Mayor, Councillors, thank you for giving me time to speak to you today. I am the President of the Newport Action Group, representing members of the Newport Community. We are seeking your support in saying No to plans for a development which does not meet our community expectations .
Newport is a beautiful water centric residential suburb, built around the Newport Waterways Marina. Newport’s peaceful surrounds, relaxed feeling and sense of open space are magnets for those families looking to escape from a high-rise city life to a more gentle, less hectic amenity. Over the years we have seen our area develop under the Council’s guidance into the suburb that it is today. The Council’s planning has displayed a forethought and understanding of what Newport is.
The proposed plan for the Newport Waterways Marina threatens what has taken so long to achieve. This particular proposal is divergent to Council’s intention and vision for the area.
A Ten storey hotel, with a convention centre, bars and offices PLUS a Ten storey Apartment tower plonked right in the middle of our one and two storey homes is not a consistent plan for the Newport area.
10 storey constructions, lacking human scale, will completely dwarf us.
Overlooking, overshadowing, Noise, Traffic congestion , reduced safety, a myriad of problems will be imposed on the lifestyle of residents of Newport by these Towers. Homes close to the construction will not see the sun until late in the morning. Their access to summer breezes diminished.
The amenity and nature of Newport will irreparably be altered.
Even though Council identified that the plan would require at least 575 car parks, the Application allows for only 226. The overflow of cars that cannot be accommodated by spaces in the development must go somewhere. Our quiet local streets, largely consisting of culs-de-sac will become the obvious choice for the hundreds of extra cars seeking space.
The resultant bottle neck and traffic problems caused by the single, shared easement access to the site will be considerable and a danger to our children.
Our streets are not equipped to deal with this level of traffic, parking, pollution or the resultant noise these engender.
The noise factor is not just limited to the streets. Noise is amplified when travelling over water. This is an aspect of living on the water which Newport residents have happily and successfully managed through sensitivity and good relationships.
The proposed development plans to introduce a transient population, in a concentrated space that will not have this understanding or consideration.
Bars, a restaurant, convention centre – all noisy places. People want to enjoy themselves in these places. It is expected that they may become loud and raucous! It is impossible to stop such noise.
All of this, placed right on the edge of a water, surrounded by family homes? The noise will have a huge impact on the community, destroying its peace and tranquillity.
Advertising Promotions for the development build images of a tourist Mecca, with people flocking to it by air, road and super yacht. This is not Hobart Marina ladies and gentleman, situated in the midst of a well developed Commercial area on the banks of the deep Derwent River. This is Newport Marina, sitting in the midst of a quiet residential area, on a manmade canal fed by a shallow Bay.
Redcliffe Peninsula has wonderful areas already established, where a hotel, convention centre and apartment development would be integrated comfortably into the surrounding environment and not impact upon the character and well being of the surrounding suburb.
Bramble Bay, Scarborough and Redcliffe Beach so near the Redcliffe CBD all offer the deep water , services and amenities which a development such as this would require.
Please support us in saying no to such an inappropriate proposal, point the developers to the Commercial areas on our peninsula that you have designated for such uses. The destruction of our wonderful Community is not what we ever expected or would ever have asked for.

Newport Needs You

Over the past few weeks our Community has rallied together with a singular focus – to stop the inappropriate proposal of two Towers at Newport Marina.  A proposal that threatens our neighbourhood and lifestyle.

We have made phone calls, sent letters and emails, made visits and ensured that everyone we know is aware of how we feel.

Our actions have ensured that every Government decision maker on the Redcliffe Peninsula knows that this community of Newport is against changing Newport Marina into a multi tower edifice.

Our combined voices are being heard.

The Developer has employed a Marketing firm to bombard the community with stories of what a wonderful proposal he has.  Promises of glorious moments spent at the two Towers – a Mecca for every tourist.  Being practical people and not without a sense of humour, we have dealt with these claims with aplomb and at times, scintillating observations.

We have been threatened with toxic and heavy industry in the place of the Towers.  We have dealt with those claims by thoroughly investigating the zoning regulations for Marine Industry – laying false, the claims made by the Developer.  Time and again we have dealt with falsities and threats.

Redcliffe Peninsula residents have joined our voice.  They know that our battle is an important one, not only for the future of Newport, but also for the whole peninsula.

On Tuesday, 11 September at 7.30pm, we will meet together as the Newport Action Group, finalising our campaign to stop this development. 

An update and an overview of the most important part of our campaign – preparing submissions for Council will be the focus of the meeting and assistance will be available.

The meeting will be held at Waters Edge (formerly Sunset Blue), Bird O’Passage Parade, Scarborough – next to Morgans Seafood.

There is a lift available for those members who prefer not to use the stairs.

We are looking forward to sharing this most important evening with you.

Kenlie Williams
Committee President
Newport Action Group

Tired of being told

Message – Kenlie Williams
Committee President
Newport Action Group

Is This Our Marina??

Over the past weeks, the community of Newport has been told about a brownfield site – a sad, destitute, run down piece of land, of no current value or use.

And we asked :

Are they referring to our Marina?

We have been told about a site that is ‘currently underutilised’ and ‘has always been destined for development’-

And we asked :

Are we sure they are referring to our Marina?

We have been told about giving back to the community, with the inference that this ‘brownfield’ site is not connected to our community at all.

And we asked:

Could they really be referring to our Marina which so many of us use to berth our boats and, when we pass it by each day, gives us the certain and satisfying knowledge that we are home?


We have been told that Two Ten Storey Towers are the only option for this sad, destitute site that no-one would want to use or visit!

With all of this telling, our hearts and minds are grappling with a proposal that goes against every grain of our comprehension.

And then our Voice said NO, we won’t be Told.

Today, over 430  Newport voices are saying we do not want this.  More voices from the Redcliffe Community have joined us. We are challenging the assumption that the Marina must be developed into a stopping spot for hundreds of itinerant visitors or that we need a ten storey high rise of apartments. In the not too distant future we will already be getting almost 2000 extra homes in our area. What proportion of these families will want to put a boat in our Marina? How many of  the new proposed apartment owners will?

This is a local community use asset and was designed to be so.

The advertisement for the sale of the marina to the current owner stated that the net income of the marina operation was $732,251 pa during 2014/2015. This is clearly a viable business in its own right. ( Colliers International)

Many members have written to us clearly identifying what the negative impacts of the proposal will be.  From noise, traffic congestion, parking congestion, overshadowing, overlooking, lack of privacy, visual impact, lack of safety. We all know that ‘expert’s are only as good as the information they are given.  We will be living in the reality.

 Some of our members have taken the time to put aside what the developer wants. They have outlined  their views of what our Newport Waterways Marina should be and they are very different to what the developer wants.  

We would be very interested to hear what everybody thinks.

On a final note,

Experience Newport  Flyer

Some of us have received flyers from the developer. Telling us about our ‘transformation’ and turning the Developers’ opinions into ‘FACTS’. 

How do we respond to this flyer?

This response from one of our members is definitely succinct: ‘ ….please don’t insult our intelligence’!

Campaign Update

Thank you to those members of our community who have been writing to our Councillors and Politicians, your voice is having a significant impact.

This week is going to be a busy one.

NAG will be speaking to the MBRC Council Meeting on Tuesday morning in Redcliffe, outlining our opposition to the Newport Marina development. We will be highlighting the negative impacts on our community and the inappropriateness of the proposal.

We will also be arranging meetings with our Political leaders and offering them an opportunity to meet you and hear your concerns. We will let you know as soon as a date is confirmed and encourage you to attend to make your voices heard.

Please keep sending in your comments about the proposal, they have been very helpful!

Over the last weeks, NAG has held discussions with a number of people involved in development in the area.

From these discussions one thing has been made clear. If this proposal is approved, it will encourage other developers to lodge Applications for multi-level buildings. Our fight is an important one!

Please keep spreading the word and talking about this. Direct friends to our website and/or Facebook page to stay informed.

Following our Press Release on the 19 August 2018 our members have advised us that Mr Kindred has now approached some of them, organising a number of meetings at his office.

Unfortunately these can only be sales/information meetings, as the Development Application has already been lodged. The time for genuine community consultation was prior to this happening.

Thank you to all the volunteers who helped with our letterbox drop. Many hands made light work!

Kenlie Williams – President 
Newport Action Group (NAG)

Newport Consultation Sham

Newport Action Group
19 August 2018

On Friday 17 August,  Joshua Kindred of Kindred Developments advised Queensland that he had spent the last eighteen months consulting with the community regarding his proposal to build two ten storey towers in the heart of the suburb of Newport, at the Newport Waterways Marina.

This is not true.

The first that the residents around the Marina knew of this ‘consultation process’ was five weeks ago when a few people were summoned, individually, to the Kindred offices.

Eighteen months is at best, an exaggeration.

At Mr Kindred’s offices, residents were given inconsistent presentations consisting of a very brief outline of his plan, a few slides and information that the Development Application was imminent.

Asked for feedback, residents were shocked when in response to their questions Mr Kindred warned
‘if this doesn’t go through, you won’t like what I will put there’ (vis a vis- the Marina site).

The lack of consultative process and Mr Kindred’s aggressive response to concerns, demonstrated arrogance and disdain for the community that will be most affected by this proposal.

Not only does Mr Kindred’s behaviour show a complete lack of respect for the community, he has used social media in attempt to blackmail residents into complacency, by threatening ‘heavy industry and noxious industry’ on the site if his Towers are opposed.

Mr Kindred has displayed unusual confidence that the Moreton Bay Regional Council and the Environmental Protection Agency will
approve this threat to introduce a toxic heavy industrial development in the middle of the Newport residential area.

Such blatant disregard and lack of care for the local community has left residents reeling with concerns that it is inevitable their home and family friendly suburban culture will be destroyed.

Licensed bars and convention areas inevitably lead to a reduction in the freedom of our children, the safety on our roads and waterways, overcrowding, and the breach of privacy and peace of the local

The proposed Towers development will overshadow and dehumanise Newport.

The media has reported impossible visions of super yachts sailing through a shallow bay that would run them aground and billionaires spending their money just to visit Newport’s suburban pocket of domesticity.

Who knew two multi storey buildings overshadowing backyards, invading privacy and reducing the safety of the local children would be so desired by billionaires around the world?

The community of Newport deserves better than to be treated like second class citizens in its own home.

Developer “Spin” Continues

7 News this evening featured the planned Newport Marina Development.

Federal Minister Luke Howarth and State Minister Yvette D’ath met with our local Developer in the Newport Marina carpark and waxed lyrical about the exciting project of  “completely changing the face of Redcliffe”.

The total disregard for what the existing residents love and enjoy about their home and community, in order to prioritise the needs of the4,000,000 potential visitors and visiting super yachts” beggars belief.

The only upside was the giggle to be had from the prospect of superyachts dredging Albatross channel for us, as they dodged the stationary boats lined up to wait their turn for the Stocklands lock!

Time to let our politicians know what we think of two 10 storey towers in the middle of residential Newport. Get writing!

Federal MP Luke Howarth

State MP Yvette D’ath

MBRC Mayor Allan Sutherland

MBRC Acting Mayor Mike Charlton 

Local Councillor James Houghton

Local Councillor Koliana Winchester

Saving Newport:

NO 10 Storeys 

What We Understand

A Development Application was lodged on August 10th 2018 by Kindred Developments Pty Ltd with Moreton Bay Regional Council for the construction of:

  • Two TEN STOREY Towers at Newport Waterways Marina, in the middle of the residential suburb of Newport.

    • Tower 1: Hotel and Convention Centre
      144 Short stay accommodation rooms
      *Licensed Bar and shops*
      Approximately 40 metres high

    • Tower 2:  93 Appartments
      Approximately 37.5 metres high

The Application allows for 226 Car parking spaces  – only 4 more than are currently on-site

Marina Berths will remain in place.

The Development Application was lodged by Kindred Developments Pty Ltd. Mr Joshua Kindred has identified himself as the Developer’s representative.

Current zoning does not allow the construction of hotels or dwellings on the Marina site.

We Need the support of the Peninsula to Say NO

If this can happen in the residential suburb of Newport, where else can it happen?

A motivated Developer can assemble large land allotments by purchasing adjoining blocks of land in any neighbourhood.

What We Think

Residents of Newport and the surrounding area are shocked, dismayed and disappointed. A development like this would irreparably change the Newport that we know. The proposal is completely out of step with the expectations of Newport and Peninsula residents.

 It sets a dangerous precedent for the rest of the Peninsula if approved.

The Developer is stating that he is ‘giving back to the community’, that the development will ’reduce local traffic’ and employ ‘many local people so our community can live, grow and play here’.

We have all heard this Developer’s rhetoric before and know that a Developers’ first responsibility is to its shareholders, not the wellbeing of the Community that they have targeted.

The Developer is claiming that the current planning would allow him to construct ‘4-5 storeys of Heavy Industry type stuff like metal works and noxious industry’.

This is not our understanding of the current zoning and we question the Developer’s assumption that the Moreton Bay Regional Council would approve such industry in the midst of a residential area.

What Do We Want

We want our politicians to stop allowing property developers to decide how our neighbourhood will change, what it will look like and who will profit from it. We want them to consider a Newport and Redcliffe Peninsula that goes beyond a dormitory for property developers.

What We Will Do

We are saying NO in a loud voice and we would like you to join us.

JOIN US in saying NO on this website.

We will keep our members continually updated.

Newport Towers Proposal Out of Step With Community Expectations

The proposal to construct two 10 storey Towers on the Newport Waterways Marina site is out of step with Newport and Peninsula residents’ expectations for the site. It sets a dangerous precedent for the rest of the Peninsula.

What we would like to see is a modern, clever development that represents the culture and liveability of the Newport area.

Newport is a residential area consisting of mainly low-rise homes. It has a strong, cohesive community with a keen sense of identity and respect for each other.  Our children and grandchildren live in a safe area defined by trust.   An area where families and friends enjoy peace, serenity and open space. An area where we know our neighbours are looking out for one another.

Two Towers, including a Hotel, being constructed in the middle of our residential community would irreparably change the culture of this area we call home. People who choose to move to Newport are escaping from higher residential densities and enjoy the culture and lifestyle that our area offers.

The most alarming impact would be the dramatic change in the character of the area, with buildings lacking human scale and overshadowing a suburb which has a pleasing sense of space. An influx of transient visitors and two looming multi-storey structures would not only be completely at odds with the community that has developed over more than a century but would seriously alter how residents and particularly children, would be able to enjoy the gentle and friendly lifestyle of Newport.

Developers are driven by commercial interests, aiming to ensure that not only they but their financial backers are guaranteed solid profits. Commercial gain comes first.

‘Developers’ Rhetoric’ with catchphrases such as – ‘we are giving back to the community’ or ‘we are responding to demand fuelled by Australia’s soaring population’-   are words that communities right across Australia are familiar with. A community can develop and grow while maintaining it’s essential character and liveability. These catch phrases do not excuse a blatant disregard of what would actually be suitable and what would actually enhance the lives of the people who already live in the community as well as those who will join in the future.

The truth is, that a Developer’s desire for commercial gain comes first and foremost. They may attempt to offer ‘sweeteners’ to encourage support which may never have been offered otherwise, but they do not prioritise the potential aftershock of their developments.  The fact is that the interests of the local community are not the Developer’s greatest concern.

Who should be concerned?  Our elected representatives. The Councillors and Members of Parliament who we have entrusted to make decisions in our best interest.

We understand that Moreton Bay Regional Council is operating under directives from its State and Federal counterparts. These directives should be undertaken in the spirit of the best interests of the community ensuring development reflects the culture, wants or needs of the residents in the politicians’ electorates.

We want our politicians to stop allowing property developers to decide how our neighbourhood will change, what it will look like and who will profit from it. We want them to consider a Newport and  Redcliffe Peninsula that goes beyond a dormitory for property developers.