Stockland Proposal Threatens Newport

An application has been lodged to construct two six storey towers in the Stockland subdivision at Newport on Aqua Street.

Along with 108 units, it is also proposed to construct 45 townhouses and 6 villas.

The applicant is, according to News reports, Traders in Purple, identified as Newport Waterfront Unit Trust in the development application and the owner of the land is Stockland.

This application is in breach of Moreton Bay Council’s Planning Scheme and is not reflective of Newport’s low rise residential buildings nor the community’s expectations.

The land is zoned Next Generation Neighbourhood which has a height limit of 8.5 metres and a population density limit of 75 dwellings per hectare. The application has a 20.5 meter height limit and a population density of 110 dwellings per hectare.

The towers will overlook a significant portion of Newport’s homes.

 Development Application

This is devastating news in particular for those newest members of our community who have invested their savings, hopes and dreams in the construction of their homes in the Stockland subdivision. They moved to Newport because of the lifestyle of this low rise, residential community.

The negative impacts of such a congested population bubble on the already stretched infrastructure and amenities of Newport will be significant.

Whilst we encourage growth and development, we will make every effort to ensure that Newport is protected from inappropriate development.

This is inappropriate development..

We need to send a very clear and strong message to our decision makers and the developer.

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