President’s Address to MBRC 23 July 2019

There are few things in life that we can be certain of. The old adage of death and taxes rings a certain truth.

Fortunately, although life may have its uncertainties, Australia’s government and justice system give us reliability, security and a community backbone we can trust

MBRC’s 2016 Strategic Plan is a part of the system we trust in. The result of collaboration between the community and the Council it provides security and a reliable source we can refer to, to see your commitment to the community. Meeting the community’s needs and wants, the Council has through this plan promised a future for a strong and special Region.

Its underpinning stratagems represent the best interests of the community, creating certainty and trust. It is the backbone of the Council’s actions and decisions and gives certainty to our understanding of what will happen in our area and inspires our trust that the Council will ensure adherence to the Plan.

Development Applications are currently before Council that do not reflect the requirements of the Strategic Plan. They appear to place increased profits over the interests of the community and fly in the face of the direction set by you.

With unfounded, misguided and flawed claims of working towards so-called ‘community needs’, these applications are not in keeping with the plan, do not reflect the needs of the community and do not respect the foundation of trust the Council has created with the community.

In breach of community trust and expectations, they have no place in the Strategic Plan.

We do not support applications that negatively affect the amenity and lifestyle that our community enjoys and that the Council’s own Strategic Plan promises.

The interests of the individual or corporation should not outweigh the expectations and plans of the community and its Council. This would be a betrayal of trust and would not reflect the spirit of Australia’s respect of the rule of law by providing reliable and consistent regulations and rules.

Kindred Developments application to change the use of Newport Waterways Marina is fraught with negative impacts. It has caused great concern in the community. Proposing to remove rare Marine Industry Precinct Land that holds so much potential, and replace it with a block of flats, is short-sighted and ignorant. This is an important community site that the Council has recognised as important to protect, by restricting the kind of development that can occur on it. This special site is not designated by Council for multi -storey housing development and the proposal to put a multi-storey development on it is an affront to the community and to Council’s planning scheme .

676 submissions opposing this application, plus a community petition are clear indications of the community’s distress and its rejection of this application.

Recently over 1 hectare of land was advertised for sale in the Stockland Newport subdivision. This whole subdivision is a General Residential, Next Generation Neighbourhood precinct. The land however was marketed with a concept of 7 storey buildings housing 149 flats.

Stockland Development’s has also lodged an application with council to construct Townhouses in this new subdivision.

Neither the marketing concept nor the development application fit within Council’s Planning direction for this precinct.

Proposals such as these show little respect for MBRC’s Strategic Plan, which is only 3 years old and little respect for the community that lives in the area.

None of these proposals reflect what the quiet, residential community of Newport expects, needs or wants, or has been promised by MBRC.

Development Applications that do not conform with the Planning Scheme create an apprehensive, confused and uncertain community. They threaten the good relationship built on trust between the community and its Council. Right now, we have an unhappy community with seriously undermined confidence.

We trust MBRC will continue upholding the Strategic Plan and the codes that support it. We urge you to encourage developers to comply with our Planning Scheme. Build what they are allowed to build, where they are allowed to build it and allow the community to enjoy the lifestyle and amenity that this Council, through its prescient planning, has afforded us.

Thank you for your care for the community, your well thought out Strategic Plan and for your attention today

Kenlie Williams,  President