Focus – Newport Marina

We need our Marine Industry Land. We need to save Newport Marina

A Development Application (DA) has been placed with Moreton Bay Regional Council (MBRC) by Kindred Developments, seeking a Change In Use of the Newport Marina Land from Marine Services to allow a 6 Storey, Multi-dwelling, Multi-storey with retail, food and drink outlets. 

This will be located on the eastern half of Newport Marina’s land.
However, the DA is asking for a change of use for the whole of Newport Marina’s land

Current zoning does not allow this.

The loss of vital Marine Services Land is of great concern.
A short-sighted, devastating impact on a community surrounded by water.
Our Peninsula is continuing to experience rapid population growth.
Our need for Marine Services is growing.

The negative impacts of a Multi-storey Development on quiet, low set communities of the Peninsula will be considerable.

If MBRC approves this, the likely risk of future Multi-storey Development Applications in inappropriately zoned areas is high.

MBRC finalised all zonings on the Peninsula in 2016 , after years of Consultation.
We expect any Developer to adhere to the zoning of a site.

The negative impacts of such Developments in established residential areas is of major concern.

Impacts may include:

  • Overshadowing and dominating suburbs
  • Loss of privacy
  • Traffic congestion
  • Parking overflow
  • Traffic and pedestrian safety issues
  • Noise

We do not want to see Multi-storey Developments being encouraged in areas of the Peninsula which were not zoned for them.

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