Address to Moreton Bay Regional Council 16th Oct 2018

General Council Meeting – NAG President speaks on behalf of NAG members to MBRC Mayor, Councillors and Council Officers

Lord Mayor, Councillors thank you for giving me the time to talk to you today.
I represent the Newport Action Group- NAG.
NAG’s membership currently stands at just under 600 residents.

In 2016 MBRC ratified its Strategic Plan, outlining the future for our region. In that plan MBRC identified two areas on the Redcliffe Peninsula that were to be used exclusively for Marine Industry, thereby ensuring the future protection of those sites that provide a most important service to boating in Moreton Bay.

There are staggeringly over 3600 registered boats on the Peninsula. This number is about to grow exponentially along with our booming population growth. Every one of these boats requires maintenance, service and a place to be kept.
Marine Industry Precinct is a MBRC specialist industry zoning allowing for waterfront- based industry, activities that require direct water access and which relate to Marine industry.  MBRC zoned the sites as Marine Industry Precinct to service our ever growing boating fraternity.

Our two precincts are located at Scarborough on the northeastern edge of the Peninsula and the other, smaller one is Newport Waterways Marina, nestled amongst the residential canal estate of Newport.
Between them they hold 629 berths. Not many when you consider the thousands of boats on the Peninsula and the explosion that is about to occur. Both provide good parking facilities, which are essential for the use of boat owners and space to develop Marine Specific Industries.

The Newport Waterways Marina was established over 30 years ago to service the dry block owners of Newport and its neighbours, it has carried out its job successfully in that time. Over that period it has embedded itself into the fabric of Newport life and provides an essential service to Newport and its neighbours. It is truly a community Marina. It has also become a notable sight on Moreton Bay’s memorable Tourist Drive.

Currently this Marina is operating at 80% capacity (Joshua Kindred), it only has 41 remaining Berths available for rent.
With nearly 2000 families mooted to settle into the Stockland’s Newport Development alone, it is reasonable to project that the Marina’s capacity will reach 100% in a short period of time.
The positioning of Newport Waterways Marina to take up some of that extra demand is perfect. It is also reasonable to expect that both Marinas will reach their full capacities following our population expansion.

Even now, current supply of Marine Service industries does not meet the demand for it. Peninsula residents are taking their boats outside of the Peninsula to access service.
This demand will only increase as our population grows.
Newport Waterways Marina has the space for those industries to establish themselves. Whilst still retaining the necessary parking areas that Marinas must have.
With the growth of these industries come jobs and skills. The Peninsula should be known for its Marine Industry Services.

This is what MBRC understood and zoned for accordingly.

The current owner of Newport Marina has lodged a Development Application with Council requesting a removal of the Marine Industry Precinct zoning to allow two ten storey towers of apartments and hotel facilities to be built.
In its Economic Benefits Analysis, it paid no attention to the impacts caused by the loss of Marine Industry zoned land to the Peninsula and Moreton Bay Region; it even stated that removing the zoning would have ‘no effect on the availability of marine industry land’.
This is blatantly untrue unless you consider losing half of our available marine industry land as having no effect!

Proposing to take away the small amount of available Marine Industry Precinct land that the Moreton Bay Region has, to replace it with uses that do not reflect the industry and which could be located elsewhere is unreasonable, not viable, and seriously undermining of MBRCs 2016 Strategic Plan.
It would steal an essential service from the community.

We live on the Peninsula because of our love of Moreton Bay, our communities need berths and local access to Marine services. It would be extremely shortsighted to even consider such a decision.
In fact the community of Newport would be delighted if some of the Marine Services that were removed from the Marina would be returned.

You have all been provided with a copy of NAG’s submission to Council, which highlights all of the negative impacts of this proposal. It does not meet MBRC’s or our Communities’ expectations. A short sighted, ill informed proposal that flies in the face of MBRCs long term objectives should not be tolerated.

We urge you not to think ‘this is out of our hands’ but rather to stand by your Strategic Plan. .

Lord Mayor, Councillors- this is very much in your hands.