Address to Moreton Bay Regional Council 28th Aug 2018

General Council Meeting – NAG President, Kenlie Williams, speaks on behalf of NAG members to MBRC Mayor, Councillors and Council Officers

Lord Mayor, Councillors, thank you for giving me time to speak to you today. I am the President of the Newport Action Group, representing members of the Newport Community. We are seeking your support in saying No to plans for a development which does not meet our community expectations .
Newport is a beautiful water centric residential suburb, built around the Newport Waterways Marina. Newport’s peaceful surrounds, relaxed feeling and sense of open space are magnets for those families looking to escape from a high-rise city life to a more gentle, less hectic amenity. Over the years we have seen our area develop under the Council’s guidance into the suburb that it is today. The Council’s planning has displayed a forethought and understanding of what Newport is.
The proposed plan for the Newport Waterways Marina threatens what has taken so long to achieve. This particular proposal is divergent to Council’s intention and vision for the area.
A Ten storey hotel, with a convention centre, bars and offices PLUS a Ten storey Apartment tower plonked right in the middle of our one and two storey homes is not a consistent plan for the Newport area.
10 storey constructions, lacking human scale, will completely dwarf us.
Overlooking, overshadowing, Noise, Traffic congestion , reduced safety, a myriad of problems will be imposed on the lifestyle of residents of Newport by these Towers. Homes close to the construction will not see the sun until late in the morning. Their access to summer breezes diminished.
The amenity and nature of Newport will irreparably be altered.
Even though Council identified that the plan would require at least 575 car parks, the Application allows for only 226. The overflow of cars that cannot be accommodated by spaces in the development must go somewhere. Our quiet local streets, largely consisting of culs-de-sac will become the obvious choice for the hundreds of extra cars seeking space.
The resultant bottle neck and traffic problems caused by the single, shared easement access to the site will be considerable and a danger to our children.
Our streets are not equipped to deal with this level of traffic, parking, pollution or the resultant noise these engender.
The noise factor is not just limited to the streets. Noise is amplified when travelling over water. This is an aspect of living on the water which Newport residents have happily and successfully managed through sensitivity and good relationships.
The proposed development plans to introduce a transient population, in a concentrated space that will not have this understanding or consideration.
Bars, a restaurant, convention centre – all noisy places. People want to enjoy themselves in these places. It is expected that they may become loud and raucous! It is impossible to stop such noise.
All of this, placed right on the edge of a water, surrounded by family homes? The noise will have a huge impact on the community, destroying its peace and tranquillity.
Advertising Promotions for the development build images of a tourist Mecca, with people flocking to it by air, road and super yacht. This is not Hobart Marina ladies and gentleman, situated in the midst of a well developed Commercial area on the banks of the deep Derwent River. This is Newport Marina, sitting in the midst of a quiet residential area, on a manmade canal fed by a shallow Bay.
Redcliffe Peninsula has wonderful areas already established, where a hotel, convention centre and apartment development would be integrated comfortably into the surrounding environment and not impact upon the character and well being of the surrounding suburb.
Bramble Bay, Scarborough and Redcliffe Beach so near the Redcliffe CBD all offer the deep water , services and amenities which a development such as this would require.
Please support us in saying no to such an inappropriate proposal, point the developers to the Commercial areas on our peninsula that you have designated for such uses. The destruction of our wonderful Community is not what we ever expected or would ever have asked for.