Tired of being told

Message – Kenlie Williams
Committee President
Newport Action Group

Is This Our Marina??

Over the past weeks, the community of Newport has been told about a brownfield site – a sad, destitute, run down piece of land, of no current value or use.

And we asked :

Are they referring to our Marina?

We have been told about a site that is ‘currently underutilised’ and ‘has always been destined for development’-

And we asked :

Are we sure they are referring to our Marina?

We have been told about giving back to the community, with the inference that this ‘brownfield’ site is not connected to our community at all.

And we asked:

Could they really be referring to our Marina which so many of us use to berth our boats and, when we pass it by each day, gives us the certain and satisfying knowledge that we are home?


We have been told that Two Ten Storey Towers are the only option for this sad, destitute site that no-one would want to use or visit!

With all of this telling, our hearts and minds are grappling with a proposal that goes against every grain of our comprehension.

And then our Voice said NO, we won’t be Told.

Today, over 430  Newport voices are saying we do not want this.  More voices from the Redcliffe Community have joined us. We are challenging the assumption that the Marina must be developed into a stopping spot for hundreds of itinerant visitors or that we need a ten storey high rise of apartments. In the not too distant future we will already be getting almost 2000 extra homes in our area. What proportion of these families will want to put a boat in our Marina? How many of  the new proposed apartment owners will?

This is a local community use asset and was designed to be so.

The advertisement for the sale of the marina to the current owner stated that the net income of the marina operation was $732,251 pa during 2014/2015. This is clearly a viable business in its own right. ( Colliers International)

Many members have written to us clearly identifying what the negative impacts of the proposal will be.  From noise, traffic congestion, parking congestion, overshadowing, overlooking, lack of privacy, visual impact, lack of safety. We all know that ‘expert’s are only as good as the information they are given.  We will be living in the reality.

 Some of our members have taken the time to put aside what the developer wants. They have outlined  their views of what our Newport Waterways Marina should be and they are very different to what the developer wants.  

We would be very interested to hear what everybody thinks.

On a final note,

Experience Newport  Flyer

Some of us have received flyers from the developer. Telling us about our ‘transformation’ and turning the Developers’ opinions into ‘FACTS’. 

How do we respond to this flyer?

This response from one of our members is definitely succinct: ‘ ….please don’t insult our intelligence’!