Newport Consultation Sham

Newport Action Group
19 August 2018

On Friday 17 August,  Joshua Kindred of Kindred Developments advised Queensland that he had spent the last eighteen months consulting with the community regarding his proposal to build two ten storey towers in the heart of the suburb of Newport, at the Newport Waterways Marina.

This is not true.

The first that the residents around the Marina knew of this ‘consultation process’ was five weeks ago when a few people were summoned, individually, to the Kindred offices.

Eighteen months is at best, an exaggeration.

At Mr Kindred’s offices, residents were given inconsistent presentations consisting of a very brief outline of his plan, a few slides and information that the Development Application was imminent.

Asked for feedback, residents were shocked when in response to their questions Mr Kindred warned
‘if this doesn’t go through, you won’t like what I will put there’ (vis a vis- the Marina site).

The lack of consultative process and Mr Kindred’s aggressive response to concerns, demonstrated arrogance and disdain for the community that will be most affected by this proposal.

Not only does Mr Kindred’s behaviour show a complete lack of respect for the community, he has used social media in attempt to blackmail residents into complacency, by threatening ‘heavy industry and noxious industry’ on the site if his Towers are opposed.

Mr Kindred has displayed unusual confidence that the Moreton Bay Regional Council and the Environmental Protection Agency will
approve this threat to introduce a toxic heavy industrial development in the middle of the Newport residential area.

Such blatant disregard and lack of care for the local community has left residents reeling with concerns that it is inevitable their home and family friendly suburban culture will be destroyed.

Licensed bars and convention areas inevitably lead to a reduction in the freedom of our children, the safety on our roads and waterways, overcrowding, and the breach of privacy and peace of the local

The proposed Towers development will overshadow and dehumanise Newport.

The media has reported impossible visions of super yachts sailing through a shallow bay that would run them aground and billionaires spending their money just to visit Newport’s suburban pocket of domesticity.

Who knew two multi storey buildings overshadowing backyards, invading privacy and reducing the safety of the local children would be so desired by billionaires around the world?

The community of Newport deserves better than to be treated like second class citizens in its own home.