Developer “Spin” Continues

7 News this evening featured the planned Newport Marina Development.

Federal Minister Luke Howarth and State Minister Yvette D’ath met with our local Developer in the Newport Marina carpark and waxed lyrical about the exciting project of  “completely changing the face of Redcliffe”.

The total disregard for what the existing residents love and enjoy about their home and community, in order to prioritise the needs of the4,000,000 potential visitors and visiting super yachts” beggars belief.

The only upside was the giggle to be had from the prospect of superyachts dredging Albatross channel for us, as they dodged the stationary boats lined up to wait their turn for the Stocklands lock!

Time to let our politicians know what we think of two 10 storey towers in the middle of residential Newport. Get writing!

Federal MP Luke Howarth

State MP Yvette D’ath

MBRC Mayor Allan Sutherland

MBRC Acting Mayor Mike Charlton 

Local Councillor James Houghton

Local Councillor Koliana Winchester