Saving Newport:

NO 10 Storeys 

What We Understand

A Development Application was lodged on August 10th 2018 by Kindred Developments Pty Ltd with Moreton Bay Regional Council for the construction of:

  • Two TEN STOREY Towers at Newport Waterways Marina, in the middle of the residential suburb of Newport.

    • Tower 1: Hotel and Convention Centre
      144 Short stay accommodation rooms
      *Licensed Bar and shops*
      Approximately 40 metres high

    • Tower 2:  93 Appartments
      Approximately 37.5 metres high

The Application allows for 226 Car parking spaces  – only 4 more than are currently on-site

Marina Berths will remain in place.

The Development Application was lodged by Kindred Developments Pty Ltd. Mr Joshua Kindred has identified himself as the Developer’s representative.

Current zoning does not allow the construction of hotels or dwellings on the Marina site.

We Need the support of the Peninsula to Say NO

If this can happen in the residential suburb of Newport, where else can it happen?

A motivated Developer can assemble large land allotments by purchasing adjoining blocks of land in any neighbourhood.

What We Think

Residents of Newport and the surrounding area are shocked, dismayed and disappointed. A development like this would irreparably change the Newport that we know. The proposal is completely out of step with the expectations of Newport and Peninsula residents.

 It sets a dangerous precedent for the rest of the Peninsula if approved.

The Developer is stating that he is ‘giving back to the community’, that the development will ’reduce local traffic’ and employ ‘many local people so our community can live, grow and play here’.

We have all heard this Developer’s rhetoric before and know that a Developers’ first responsibility is to its shareholders, not the wellbeing of the Community that they have targeted.

The Developer is claiming that the current planning would allow him to construct ‘4-5 storeys of Heavy Industry type stuff like metal works and noxious industry’.

This is not our understanding of the current zoning and we question the Developer’s assumption that the Moreton Bay Regional Council would approve such industry in the midst of a residential area.

What Do We Want

We want our politicians to stop allowing property developers to decide how our neighbourhood will change, what it will look like and who will profit from it. We want them to consider a Newport and Redcliffe Peninsula that goes beyond a dormitory for property developers.

What We Will Do

We are saying NO in a loud voice and we would like you to join us.

JOIN US in saying NO on this website.

We will keep our members continually updated.