Newport Towers Proposal Out of Step With Community Expectations

The proposal to construct two 10 storey Towers on the Newport Waterways Marina site is out of step with Newport and Peninsula residents’ expectations for the site. It sets a dangerous precedent for the rest of the Peninsula.

What we would like to see is a modern, clever development that represents the culture and liveability of the Newport area.

Newport is a residential area consisting of mainly low-rise homes. It has a strong, cohesive community with a keen sense of identity and respect for each other.  Our children and grandchildren live in a safe area defined by trust.   An area where families and friends enjoy peace, serenity and open space. An area where we know our neighbours are looking out for one another.

Two Towers, including a Hotel, being constructed in the middle of our residential community would irreparably change the culture of this area we call home. People who choose to move to Newport are escaping from higher residential densities and enjoy the culture and lifestyle that our area offers.

The most alarming impact would be the dramatic change in the character of the area, with buildings lacking human scale and overshadowing a suburb which has a pleasing sense of space. An influx of transient visitors and two looming multi-storey structures would not only be completely at odds with the community that has developed over more than a century but would seriously alter how residents and particularly children, would be able to enjoy the gentle and friendly lifestyle of Newport.

Developers are driven by commercial interests, aiming to ensure that not only they but their financial backers are guaranteed solid profits. Commercial gain comes first.

‘Developers’ Rhetoric’ with catchphrases such as – ‘we are giving back to the community’ or ‘we are responding to demand fuelled by Australia’s soaring population’-   are words that communities right across Australia are familiar with. A community can develop and grow while maintaining it’s essential character and liveability. These catch phrases do not excuse a blatant disregard of what would actually be suitable and what would actually enhance the lives of the people who already live in the community as well as those who will join in the future.

The truth is, that a Developer’s desire for commercial gain comes first and foremost. They may attempt to offer ‘sweeteners’ to encourage support which may never have been offered otherwise, but they do not prioritise the potential aftershock of their developments.  The fact is that the interests of the local community are not the Developer’s greatest concern.

Who should be concerned?  Our elected representatives. The Councillors and Members of Parliament who we have entrusted to make decisions in our best interest.

We understand that Moreton Bay Regional Council is operating under directives from its State and Federal counterparts. These directives should be undertaken in the spirit of the best interests of the community ensuring development reflects the culture, wants or needs of the residents in the politicians’ electorates.

We want our politicians to stop allowing property developers to decide how our neighbourhood will change, what it will look like and who will profit from it. We want them to consider a Newport and  Redcliffe Peninsula that goes beyond a dormitory for property developers.